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Charlie Dombek, CPA MBA

Wealth Architect and Founder of Charles Dombek & Company, The Optimal Financial Group, and Dentistry Wealth

Charles Dombek, CPA MBA, is an internationally recognized financial and wealth architect and is one of the foremost authorities on domestic and international tax planning and mitigation. He has been a practicing CPA for over 25 years and is a founding partner at The Optimal Financial Group, which is a boutique CPA firm with a national footprint.

Charlie has raised more than $100M in equity for real estate acquisitions totaling nearly $1B over the last two years. He is a direct sponsor of an asset-backed lending platform in micro-lending niches, as well as, a FOREX trading platform with over $50M in capital under management.

Charlie’s clients include family offices, professional athletes, entertainers, and highly successful healthcare professionals. Charlie began his career in the late 80′s at the Big Four national accounting firm Ernst and Young. He holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary, along with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Virginia Tech. He is a highly recognized author and a regular speaker at financial and investment workshops throughout the world.

Outside of the office, Charlie can be found around the world in the streams and rivers with a fly rod in his hand and chasing world championships on the men’s senior tennis circuit.

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Hot Topics On My Mind Lately: Wealth Acceleration by Reducing the Cost of Taxation and Improving Investment Performance to Grow Rapidly, Slashing Clients’ Taxes By 30% or More and Creating Tax-Free Wealth for Life, and Creating and Growing Tax-Free Wealth Like Peter Thiel from PayPal, who grew his Roth from $1,300 to $5B! Recover up to 70% of Your Federal and State Income Taxes by Investing in Solar Tax Incentives!

Without a Tax & Investment, Strategy You Will Not Accelerate Your Wealth Rapidly
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Without a Tax & Investment Strategy...
They Can Not Accelerate Their Wealth Rapidly!

Why? Most people do not have a purposeful investment strategy that allows them to accelerate the rate of return in tax-efficient investments. 80% of your ability to grow your wealth rapidly is dependent on how much you pay in taxes and how well your investments perform.

Are they happy with the savings your CPA generates for them? Are they concerned about how their investments are performing in this economic environment?
Here are some issues to consider:

  • They work with a stereotypical CPA, a historian, who tells them how much they owe in taxes
  • Then often times, they write some pretty large checks when they least expect it
  • Their market-based investments have lost 20 percent or more due to rising interest rates and prolonged inflation
  • They do not have access to trusted, tax efficient alternative investments that potentially outperform the rate of returns that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs provide
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I'll Share the Top Secrets & Most Current Strategies Concerning
Specific Tax Mitigation, Investment Performance, & Entity Structuring

This year, the coming tax law changes represent the most significant change to the Internal Revenue Code that we have seen in years! Certain asset classes offer a hedge against inflation, allow investors to protect market gains realized over the last decade, and perform in a counter-correlated manner during a significant market correction.


Controlling the cost of taxation is about paying tax on the cash flow we need to fund our lifestyle and moving all additional income into an environment where we are either deferring or eliminating taxation. It’s not rocket science, but it is a systematic process that requires planning


Understanding which investments in specific asset classes outperform the market preserves capital and improves investment performance


Diversify your capital into off-market investment opportunities that most financial advisors do not have access to or will not recommend because they cannot get compensated for these capital placements


Certain investments have embedded tax strategies that offset your earnings and distributions which can be instrumental in keeping income off the 1040 during years where you have high active income from the job you occupy, the profession you practice or the business you own


The IRS will be scouring investors’ and business owners’ tax returns for additional revenue – learn how to fly under the radar of the IRS and how you can reduce your chances of an audit


Get the specific advice you need now to create a lifetime annuity of savings from impending and proposed tax law changes, including a sample tax strategy that you can use immediately!

My Job As Wealth Architects Is To
Focus On the 80% That Matters
Tax Strategy & Investment Performance is the 80% that matters in creating a lifetime annuity of savings
  • First, I solely focus on the recovered dollars clients unnecessarily pay in the form of State and Federal income taxes
  • Second, I help people potentially improve the way their investments perform with diversification
  • Then, we allocate capital out of the financial markets into tax-efficient investments for personalized diversification
  • And to keep the momentum flowing, check-ins with clients occur multiple times throughout the year to review their personalized plan and evaluate the performance
Benefits and ROI of a Wealth Acceleration & Financial Plan Charles Dombek & Co.
Don’t Take It From Us…
See What Our Clients Are Saying
Client testimonial from Scott Schumann

I advise everyone to use his strategic planning. Charlie saved me over $50,000 in the first year I worked with him. He’s consistently saved me 30% off what my former accountant could do. You have nothing to lose and lots to save!

Client testimonial from Michael Mann

Charlie helped me negotiate the sale of my dental practice and allowed me to get paid more than $100,000 more than I was offered initially. You need to talk to Charlie before even thinking about selling your practice!

Client testimonial from Gregory Cox

I recovered $39K in overpaid corporate taxes by returning a net operating loss. Charlie implemented a specialized pension plan that created a $1.4M tax deduction when I sold my dental practice, which saved me $600K.

Client testimonial from Kristi Craig

I saved over 20% in federal taxes and engineered the acquisition of a new practice building adding over $ 100K in value.

About Us and What We Can Do To Assist You

Charlie Dombek & Co.

We are a Wealth Acceleration and Tax Mitigation Company that offers personalized financial strategies to help our clients build wealth and minimize taxes. We know that 80 percent of the ability to grow your wealth rapidly is dependent upon how much you pay in income taxes and how well your investments perform. We have a consistent track record of recovering dollars our clients unnecessarily pay in the form of state and federal income taxes. Our team helps clients responsibly reallocate capital out of market-based investments into passive real estate and alternative investments. Our clients typically save 30 percent or more on their taxes, are potentially able to increase multi-year rates of returns by a factor of three or more, and can reach their financial freedom goals years, if not decades, before normal retirement age.

Learn more about our services and how we can assist you in becoming the Architect of Your Financial Future.

Charles Dombek & Company About Us
CONTACT US DIRECTLY: Schedule a meeting to learn how your audience can benefit from these strategies and protect their hard-earned money.